Ng cellular uptake anabolic cells then use these to

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Unformatted text preview: –  Αlpha cells produce glucagon –  Delta cells produce somatosta?n –  PP cells produce pancrea?c polypep?de •  Insulin and glucagon: –  most important in regula?ng fuel metabolism ANIMATION: Hormones and Glucose Metabolism To play movie you must be in Slide Show Mode PC Users: Please wait for content to load, then click to play Mac Users: CLICK HERE Insulin •  Lowers blood glucose, faNy acids, and amino acids by promo?ng cellular uptake. •  Anabolic: cells then use these to make other stuff •  e.g. glycogen, triglycerides, and proteins. •  Primary s?mulus for secre?on is increase in blood glucose concentra?on. •  Secre?on is increased during absorp>ve state during and aRer...
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