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Circleyouranswer underdampedoverdamped c

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Unformatted text preview: (9pts) Calculate the steady state value of Vc(t) after the switch closes. Vc(t→∞) = B. (8pts) Assuming that the current resistor value results in a critically damped response, will the circuit become underdamped or overdamped if a smaller resistor is substituted? Circle your answer. Underdamped Overdamped C. (8pts) Draw an example response (Vc vs. time) assuming a resistor value is chosen so that the circuit is underdamped. Use the steady state value for Vc that you calculated in part A. Practice Exam 2 Page 6 of 11 Prof D Barker ENME 350 Electronics and Instrumentation I Fall 2011 Problem 4 [25 pts]. You have built a ne...
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