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Unformatted text preview: redit. 2. Provide an example of a Type 3 transfer function G(s) with at one non‐zero pole and one non‐zero zero. For the block diagram shown below, what is the steady state error for an input of r(t) = t, t2/2 and t3/6? 3. The transfer function G(s) for the simplified cruise control system from Homework 1 is given in the block diagram below. To start, you have chosen a constant gain K for your controller. R(s) is the desired speed and C(s) is the output speed. K 1 1000 s 50 a. Find the system type. b. What is the position static error constant Kp and the corresponding steady state error as a function of K? Note: This is a little confusing because our “position” in this case is actually a speed. Your friend who took this class last semester suggests that you add an integral term to your controller (this i...
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