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Unformatted text preview: (voltage input, speed output). Kt ( Js b)( Ls R) K e K t Gc Kt = Ke = 0.01 Nm/A, J = 0.01 kgm2/s2, b = 0.1 Nms, L = 0.5 H, R = 1 a. Roughly sketch the root locus for a simple proportional controller (Gc = Kp). b. Find a gain Kp resulting in a closed loop step response with an overshoot of 5%. c. Find a location for closed loop poles on the s‐plane that will satisfy the closed loop step response constraints of overshoot = 5% and settling time < 0.5s. Is this point on the root locus you drew in part a? d. Find a zero location fo...
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