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Assume zeroinitialconditionsandthefollowingvalues

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Unformatted text preview: he transfer function G(s) = X2(s)/F(s) for the mechanical system. Assume zero initial conditions and the following values: Mechanical System: mcar = mlocomotive = 1 kg, c = 3 Ns/m, k = 4 N/m (this is a model train ) G(s) = c. [5 pts] Plot the poles and zeros of the transfer function in part d on the s‐plane (use x’s to mark poles and o’s to mark zeros). Label these points. Im{s} Re{s} Midterm 1 Page 5 of 10 Dr. S Bergbreiter ENME 462 Vibrations, Controls, and Optimization II Spring 2010 d. [5 pts] Assuming C(s) = G(s)*R(s) where G(s) is the transfer function you calculated in part b and R(s) is the Laplace transform of the input, calculate C(s) for a step input. C(s) = e. [10 pts] Calculate the step response c(t) of the mechanical system. It is okay to not calculate the residuals. c(t) = Midterm 1 Page 6 of 10 Dr. S Bergbreiter ENME 462 Vibrations, Controls, and Optimiza...
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