Lecture 2

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Unformatted text preview: of FO4 inverter in TSMC 180nm process **************** Parameters and models .param SUPPLY=1.8 .param H=4 .option scale=90n .include '../mosistsmc180/mosistsmc180.sp' .option post nomod brief *************** Subcircuits .global vdd gnd .subckt inv a y N=4 P=8 M1 y a gnd + AS='N*5' PS='2*N+10' AD='N*5' M2 y a vdd + AS='P*5' PS='2*P+10' AD='P*5' .ends gnd nmos PD='2*N+10' vdd pmos PD='2*P+10' ************** Simulation netlist Vdd vdd gnd 'SUPPLY' Vin a gnd PULSE 0 'SUPPLY' X1 a b inv * X2 b c inv M='H' * X3 c d inv M='H**2' * X4 d e inv M='H**3' * x5 e f inv M='H**4' * W='N' L=2 W='P' L=2 0ps 20ps 20ps 220ps 480ps shape input waveform reshape input waveform device under test load load on load ************ Analysis and Measurements •.tran 1ps 500ps .measure tpdr * rising propagation delay + TRIG v(c) VAL='SUPPLY/2' FALL=1 + TARG v(d) VAL='SUPPLY/2' RISE=1 .measure tpdf * falling propagation delay + TRIG v(c) VAL='SUPPLY/2' RISE=1 + TARG v(d) VAL='SUPPLY/2' FALL=1 .measure tpd param='(tpdr+tp...
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