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Lib ff alter lib mosistsmc180opconditionslib ss end

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Unformatted text preview: 'SUPPLY' Vin a gnd PULSE 0 'SUPPLY' 25ps 0ps 0ps 95ps 200ps Mn y a gnd gnd NMOS W=4 L=2 + AS=20 PS=18 AD=20 PD=18 Mp y a vdd vdd PMOS W=8 L=2 + AS=40 PS=26 AD=40 PD=26 ******** Analysis .tran 0.1ps 250ps .alter .lib '../mosistsmc180/opConditions.lib' FF .alter .lib '../mosistsmc180/opConditions.lib' SS .end * opConditions.lib * Example of OPCONDITIONS library * TT: Typical nMOS, pMOS, voltage, temperature .lib TT .temp 70 .param SUPPLY=‘SUP’ .include ‘modelsTT.sp’ .endl * SS: Slow nMOS, pMOS, low voltage, high temperature .lib SS .temp 125 .param SUPPLY=‘0.9 * SUP’ .include ‘modelsSS.sp’ .endl * FF: Fast nMOS, pMOS, high voltage, low temperature .lib FF .temp 0 .param SUPPLY=‘1.1 * SUP’ .include ‘modelsFF.sp’ .endl * and so on ... • – – .print P(vdd) .measure pwr AVG P(vdd) FROM=0ns TO=10ns .measure charge INTEGRAL I(Vdd) FROM=0ns TO=10ns .measure energy param=‘charge*SUPPLY’ • – –...
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