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Lecture 2

Sp nmos i v characteristics

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Unformatted text preview: ement Letter Magnitude a atto 10-18 f fempto 10-15 p pico 10-12 n nano 10-9 u micro 10-6 m milli 10-3 k kilo 103 x or meg mega 106 g • Unit giga 109 * mosiv.sp * nMOS I-V Characteristics *-----------------------------------------------* Parameters and models *-----------------------------------------------.include '../mosistsmc180/mosistsmc180.sp' .temp 70 .option post brief nomod *-----------------------------------------------* Simulation netlist *-----------------------------------------------*nmos Vgs g gnd 0 Vds d gnd 0 M1 d g gnd gnd NMOS W=360n L=180n *-----------------------------------------------* Analysis *-----------------------------------------------.dc Vds 0 1.8 0.05 SWEEP Vgs 0 1.8 0.2 .probe i(m1) .end Mname drain gate source body type + W=<width> L=<length> + AS=<area source> AD = <area drain> + PS=<perimeter source> PD=<perimeter drain> * inv.sp *-----------------------------------------------* Parameters and models *-----------------------------------------------.param SUPPLY=1.8 .option scale=90n .include '../mosistsmc180/mosistsmc180.sp' .temp 70 .option post brief nomod *-----------------------------------------------* Simulation netlist *-----------------------------------------------Vdd vdd gnd 'SUPPLY' Vin a gnd DC 0 PULSE 0 'SUPPLY' 50ps 1ps 1ps 99ps 200ps M1 y a gnd gnd NMOS W=4...
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