Lecture 2

Tran 01ps 480ps sweep optimizeoptrange resultsdiff

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Unformatted text preview: ad on load **************** Optimization setup .param P1=optrange(8,4,16) * search from 4 to 16, guess 8 .model optmod opt itropt=30 * maximum of 30 iterations .measure bestratio param='P1/4' * compute best P/N ratio ***************** Stimulus *.tran 0.1ps 480ps SWEEP OPTIMIZE=optrange RESULTS=diff MODEL=optmod .tran 0.1ps 280ps SWEEP OPTIMIZE=optrange RESULTS=tpd MODEL=optmod .measure tpdr * rising propagation delay + TRIG v(c) VAL='SUPPLY/2' FALL=1 + TARG v(d) VAL='SUPPLY/2' RISE=1 .measure tpdf * falling propagation delay + TRIG v(c) VAL='SUPPLY/2' RISE=1 + TARG v(d) VAL='SUPPLY/2' FALL=1 .measure tpd param='(tpdr+tpdf)/2' goal=0 * average prop delay .measure diff param='tpdr-tpdf' goal = 0 * diff between delays .end 1 • * Corner.sp * Step response of uloaded unit inverter across * design corners ******** Parameters and models .options scale=90nm .param SUP=1.8 *must be set before calling lib .lib '../mosistsmc180/opConditions.lib' TT .option post nomod brief ******** Simulation Netlist Vdd vdd gnd...
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