Write both the electron configurations and the

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Unformatted text preview: h the electron configurations and the orbital diagrams for the following elements in their ground states. Also, state if the element is paramagnetic or diamagnetic. (20 pts) a) 19K Electron Configuration [Ar] 4s1 Orbital Diagram [Ar] [↑ ] Paramagnetic 4s b) 15P Electron Configuration [Ne] 3s23p3 Orbital Diagram [Ne] [↑↓] [↑ ][↑ ][↑ ] 3s 3p c) 43Tc Electron Configuration [Kr] 5s24d5 Orbital Diagram [Kr] [↑↓] [↑ ][↑ ][↑ ][↑ ][↑ ] 5s 4d Paramagnetic Paramagnetic d) 82Pb Electron Configuration [Xe] 6s24f145d106p2 Orbital Diagram [Xe] [↑↓] [↑↓][↑↓][↑↓][↑↓][↑↓][↑↓][↑↓] 6s 4f [↑...
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