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Unformatted text preview: 2.8 x 10-3 M. Some useful equations: [A]t = -kt + [A]o ln[A]t = -kt + ln[A]o 1/[A]t = kt + 1/[A]o Reaction is 2nd order A) Determine the rate law for this reaction. (5 pts) rate = k[A]2 B) Calculate the half-life for this reaction. (5 pts) Half-life formula for a second order reaction: C) How much time (seconds) is required for the initial concentration of A to decrease to 7.0 x 10-4 M? (5 pts) Use the integrated rate law for a second order reaction. Solve for t: t = 29762 s Chemistry 102 Exam 1 Name ___Mr. Perfect___________________________________________ Date ____Sp 14__________ 5. The rate constant for the 2nd order reaction of Br2 with ozone is 5.9 x 10-13 M-1s-1 at 238 K and 7.7 x 10-13 M-1s-1 at 258 K. Calculate the activation energy for this reaction in kJ/mol. (10 pts) 2 Point Form of the Arrhenius Equation (R =...
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