29 x 10 4 m e 465 x10 3 2x x x substitute x into the

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Unformatted text preview: +x +x x = 6.29 x 10-4 M E 4.65 x10-3-2x x x Substitute x into the equation: 7. Calculate the value of Kc when 1.00 mol of PCl5 is placed into a 5.00 L container at 500 K, 78.5 % of the PCl5 dissociates to give the following equilibrium: (10 pts) [PCl5] = 1.00 mol/5.00 L = 0.20 M PCl5(g) ⇄ PCl3(g) + Cl2(g) I 0.2 0 0 C -x +x +x E 0.2-x x x x = 0.2(0.785) = 0.157 M Substitute x into the equation 8. The vapor pressure of water at 25 °C is 23.8 mmHg. Calculate the values of Kp and Kc at 25 °C for the following equilibrium: (10 pts) Kp = Kc(0.0821 x T)Δn H2O(l) ⇄ H2O(g) Convert pressure to atm and temperature to Kelvin: Chemistry 102 Exam 1 Name ____Mr. Perfect___________________________________________ Date _...
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