Write the balanced equation that corresponds to the

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Unformatted text preview: . Write the balanced equation that corresponds to the following rate expressions: (5 pts) 2 NO + Br2 → 2 NOBr Chemistry 102 Exam 1 Name ____Mr. Perfect___________________________________________ Date ___F 13___________ 4. The overall reaction for the decomposition of dinitrogen pentoxide is shown below and has the experimental rate law: Rate = k[N2O5]2[NO3] N2O5 + NO3 → 3 NO2 + O2 Clearly show that the following proposed mechanism is either correct or incorrect: (10 pts) Proposed Mechanism k1 Step 1: N2O5 ⇄ NO2 + NO3 k-1 Step 2: k2 NO2 + NO3 → NO + NO2 + O2 (Slow Step) Rate Determining Step k3 Step 3: NO + NO3 → 2 NO2 _______________________________________ N2O5 + NO3 → 3 NO2 + O2 overall reaction Rate = k2[NO2][NO3] Solve for the intermediate NO2 (k1[N2O5] = k-1[NO2][NO3]) Substitute into the rate law: Mechanism is not valid because the proposed mechanism rate law does not equal the experimental ra...
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