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concepts_extinction_video - 6X higher extinction rate sixth...

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Concepts: PBS Video on Evolutionary Transformations extinction mass extinction 5 mass extinctions end Permian extinction Triassic causes of mass extinctions comets volcanoes increasing sea levels species collapse survivors of end Permian extinction mammal-like reptiles dinosaurs Roy Chapman Andrews Gobi desert mammal size during time of dinosaurs end Cretaceous extinction asteroid lag effect mammal size after time of dinosaurs ecological opportunities after mass extinction human population growth
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Unformatted text preview: 6X higher extinction rate sixth great mass extinction empty forest syndrome missing natural components healthy carnivores healthy forests Siamese crocodile extinct in Thailand? human effects #1 cause of extinction habitat destruction Hawaii #2 cause of extinction biological invaders Polynesians plants dogs pigs rats disappearance of native species 1000 years increasing population size extinction of smaller creatures...
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