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Wanted to know the process responsible for the

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Unformatted text preview: stood sexual combination and segregation Mendel: mostly a physicist, meteorology in particular, but is aware of botany Mendel’s Motivation: To present a model of heredity, and to solve the species problem heredity and species problem inseparable Why was he successful? Wanted to know the process responsible for the patterns previously seen Kept track of ratios Hypothesis driven research Mendel’s Paper rediscovered in 1900 Hypotheses: For each heritable trait, a hybrid plant can produce two kinds of egg cell and two kinds of pollen grain Offspring result from a combination of one maternal and one paternal contribution Selection of materials: Peas, 22 true breeding strains 7 traits with two states apiece one trait always dominant F1: all round F2: 3- 1 round to wrinkled F3: wrinkled bred true,...
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