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Chromosomes and Mitosis

Cytokinesis cytoplasmic division organelles

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Unformatted text preview: the cell cycle and enter a nondividing but metabolically active state. Mitosis has very distinct phases, and key to this homologous pairs do NOT pair up during mitosis. Interphase/Prophase: Centrioles divide and move apart Nuclear envelope breaks down Chromosomes become visible Sister chromatids connected at centromere Prometaphase/Metaphase: Spindles are forming on kinetochores and are responsible for chromosome movement Chromosomes move to the equator (randomly, in the middle) Anaphas/Telophase: The sister chromatids separate and are now called daughter chromosomes The daughter chromosomes move to the poles of the cell The chromosomes are uncoiling Nuclear envelope reforms Furrowing in between the future 2 cells, though not full division yet. Cytokinesis: Cytoplasmic division Organelles distributed to both daughter cells (cytoplasm distributed between two daughter cells) The end product of mitosis are two daughter cells with a f...
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