Chromosomes and Mitosis

The cytoplasm contains the required infrastructure to

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Unformatted text preview: ould contain identical chromosomes as the starting (mother cell) DNA in nucleus complexed acidic and basic proteins into thin fibers Non- divisional phases: uncoiled, dispersed into chromatin Mitosis & meiosis: coiled, condensed into chromosomes. The cytoplasm contains the required infrastructure to carry out chemical (metabolic) reactions, and what happens in the cytoplasm is necessary for mitosis as well as the chromosomes. The contents of the cytoplasm essentially divides itself equally during mitosis so that both daughter cells get the required infrastructure. During the growth (not dividing) stages: the chromosomes are uncoiled and dispersed, become chromatin, indistinguishable on exam. During the division phases (M & M): the chromosomes condense and become visible. Centrioles in the parent cell are necessary for the faithful di...
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