Karyotypes and Chromosome Abnormalities

The normal diploid number is restored with

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Unformatted text preview: • Doesn’t work Making a Seedless Watermelon: Cross between a tetraploid (4n) watermelon (gametes 2n) and a diploid (2n) watermelon (gametes n) triploid (3n) watermelon o Triploid watermelon arises by mitosis o But meiosis fails because there re three instead of two homologous chromosome No seeds Normal Disjunction The chromosomes have separated correctly, the production of haploid gametes occurs. The normal diploid number is restored with fertilization. Mistakes in Meiosis: o Nondisjunction: a cell division error in which chromosomes or the sister chromatids fail to separate and migrate to opposite poles. Can occur during Meiosis I or II • Meiosis I: both chromosomes go to...
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