Karyotypes and Chromosome Abnormalities

Xxy results in klinefelter syndrome when the k

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Unformatted text preview: one cell • Meiosis II: half the possible gametes will be normal, the others lead to one too many or one too few Leads to gametes with abnormal numbers of chromosomes and can lead to abnormal offspring. Trisomy in Plants: e.g. Jimson weed Trisomy of each of the 12 chromosomes causes a different phenotype that resembles a poinsettia Nondisjunction in Meiosis I for the X Chromosome Chromosomes fail to separate to opposite poles during meiosis Result = some gametes have too many chromosomes, others too few aneuploidy and all abnormal Only Y chromosome is lethal: ½ of gametes die. XXY results in Klinefelter syndrome. When the K. syndrome cells undergo meiosis, the trivalent nature of the cell makes it difficult for the three chromosomes to divide will make a one X egg, and a XY egg in another....
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