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Karyotypes and Chromosome Abnormalities

Polyploidy conceptions are spontaneously aborted and

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Unformatted text preview: sperm or egg is produced o Tetraploidy: 92 chromosomes, karyotype is 92, XXXX Mitotic failure in which all the duplicated chromosomes migrate to one of the 2 daughter cells Fusion of two diploid zygotes Most polyploidy conceptions are spontaneously aborted and are incompatible with long- term survival. - more chromosomes = extra gene product = abnormalities Mules and Hinnies: Mule = Horse mom, donkey dad Hinny = opposite Horse 2 n = 64 Donkey 2n = 62 o Infertile: The fertilized egg produces offspring by mitosis Not homologous chromosomes but OK since they don’t have to pair during mitosis to separate. However, when mule attempts meiosis to produce gametes: • Lacks homologous chromosomes...
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