Are you relinquishing control maybe but is it bad

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Unformatted text preview: rs: Error to say autonomy relies with Western ideal of rugged individualism Is non- interference enough to respect autonomy? Why should we value independence? Deep ways in which we are all dependent on others Able- bodied and able- minded prejudices The man on an island ideal is unreal. Able- bodied and able- minded prejudices: pt. not competent mentally, but should you forget autonomy? Pitfalls of over- idealizing human capacities Complete self- sufficiency? What grounds it as a value? Probs not possible Perfect coherence of one’s values over time? Over importance of integrity, ignoring possible changes in beliefs Total controls over one’s actions? It’s not always possible, what about family, influence of family? Are you relinquishing control? Maybe, but is it bad? Necessary Elements for Decision Making Knowledge Relevant facts and options Understanding Grasp and synthesize information Critical reasoning Appreciation of situation/decision/action Relation to values, other interests, obligations, life plans Value system Minimal coherence and consistency Perfect coherence isn’t necessarily possible Coherence enough for something that allows you to make decisions for you authentic self Epistomology: what is knowledge, what coun...
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