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Enabled through education safety support integrity

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Unformatted text preview: ) A positive freedom is to have access to something A positive obligation is an obligation to provide access to X Right to vote could be thought of as a positive freedom Self- determination most synonymous with autonomy Positive capacity and opportunity to act Capacity to make decisions, but not necessarily opportunity Capacity: illiterate or basic math skills in a grocery store, opportunity itself not enough. Enabled through education, safety, support Integrity Preserving one’s projects, values, sense of self Is that decision consistent with their beliefs, values, other decisions they have made? Independence: Not needing the help or support of others When autonomy is brought under attack, it is usually because the thought is that autonomy = independence. Seeing the individual as an isolated entity it difficult. Agency: In control of and responsibility for actions, decisions, and habits Even it is possible to be independent, why should that be valued? Whether autonomy, seen as valuable in US, does it pertain in other cultures? Moral imperialism? Problematic notions and erro...
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