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Quantitative Genetics

In the eyes of the biometricians they saw a smooth

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Unformatted text preview: etricians observed phenotypic bell- shaped curves. Parents and offspring are correlated. Correlation comes out of phenotypic studies, hereditary mechanisms come later. In the eyes of the biometricians, they saw a smooth distribution of phenotypes and Mendelian heredity was much more saltatory. Evolution was modeled genetically (∆p, ∆q) And biometrically (∆z) Eugenics were unfortunate. Why continuous variation? Multiple polymorphic loci in a population Several to many Mendelian loci with alleleic variation can produce continuous variation can explain the smooth distribution Environmental influences vary in the population: not every individual experiences the same environment will spread out the phenotype Let’s just model the phenotype ∆z = ... Adaptation requires heritable variation and selection (recall the three prerequisites for evolution by natural selection) Selecti...
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