Phenetics a zebra is a horse y shaped thing with

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Unformatted text preview: is a zebra? 3 species of zebras, then horses, then donkeys. All are equids. Asses can be a clade, but you can’t exclude the horse from the zebra in a cladistics approach. Phenetics: a zebra is a horse- y shaped thing with stripes Cladistics: no such thing as a zebra, unless you want to count the horse as a zebra. Monophyly, paraphyly, polyphyly. Monophyly: the gold standard, everything that has evolved from a common ancestor Paraphyly and polyphyly: not monophyly Ancestor, all descendants: mono Ancestor, some descendants: paraphyly Some descendants, no ancestor: polyphyly Prokaryotes are not a monophyletic group More vocabulary: characters for phylogenetic inference Ancestral (plesiomorhphic), derived (apomorphic) Shared derived character: synapomorphy...
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