Tree Troubles

Hybridization and introgression two species mate and

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Unformatted text preview: premises can be false Genes in species: the view from the prokaryotic world The world of prokaryotes is quite different Abundant HGT Phylogenetic inference The left is vertical inheritance. The right is the same cell division tree, but the gene we’re interested in was at one point transferred to a different population. Sequencing the gene on the right shows that the gene in A is more similar to B, thus the gene tree will tell us that A and B have a more recent common ancestor than A and C. This is incorrect. Hybridization and introgression Two species mate, and thus offspring is 50% of each. Back crossing to a single species diminishes the genetic contribution of the other species BUT genes may persist. The genome of the back crossed species over many generations, but the “gene for color” has introgressed into the back crossed species from the other species This phylogeny is incorrect, but the flamingo and the crocodile seem to be more relate...
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