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From the genotype frequency you can get the allelic

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Unformatted text preview: 2N alleles) Allele as a token One way to summarize the variation in a population is to summarize the different genotypes in a population (not alleles, but genotype) These are genotype frequencies, can get population proportions from total population. From the genotype frequency, you can get the allelic frequency. You can think of a population. AA = 10 Aa = 15 Aa = 20 Count the AA as 100% A, the Aa as 50% A. f(A) = 10 + 15(0.5) = 17.5/45 = .39 f(a) = 15 (0.5) + 20 = 27.5/45 = 0.61 p + q = 1 If we have an ideal population, Infinite size (no drift) Reproductive success is independent of the genotype at this locus (no selection) Mating is random with respect to this locus (random mating) No mutation No migration 2 conclusions of HWE Genotype frequencies are predictable from allele frequencies Gives us an expectation of what genotype frequencies should be Allele frequencies won’t change, i.e. no evolution If p is the f(A) and q is the f(a), you can generate an expectation of the genotype frequencies. f(AA) = p*p = p^2 f(Aa) = p*q + q*p = 2pq f(aa) = q*q = q^2 If...
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