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How they depart from the hwe expectations can help us

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Unformatted text preview: mating is random, regardless of allele frequency these are the genotypic ratios that should be observed in zygotes. The frequencies do not change over the course of a generation. If HWE is not observed If allele frequencies are changing, obviously one of the assumptions has been violated In other words: if evolution is occurring , then we can reject the HW null hypothesis Now we should wonder what force for allele frequency change is in effect (selection, migration, mutation, drift) A departure from the expected genotype frequencies suggests that one of the assumptions of an ideal population has been violated. How they depart from the HWE expectations can help us figure out which assumption has been violated. The expectation is that the 2pq will be able show us the deviation from the normal. If heterozygosity is low, then one of the alleles has a very high probability....
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