Tree Uses; Geology and Fossils

Tree Uses Geology and Fossils

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Unformatted text preview: ber of events: virus host shifts. HIV- 1 in humans HIV- 2 in humans SIV in other primates We know nothing without phylogeny. The phylogeny establishes that: The origin of HIV- 2 from SIV in the sooty mangabey, and HIV- 1 from chimpanzees. We can figure out when these jumps occurred based on a molecular clock. HIV is not monophyletic, as it has multiple origins. Process: What changes are responsible for host shit? Are these changes easily achieved? What are the changes responsible for shift to humans? Pattern and Process in biogeography Distribution of animals in space = pattern A history of plate tectonics and sea level fluctuations and dispersal = processes Two tectonic plates separated by a deep trench, results in two difference flora/fauna groups. Nabokov’s Blues Possibilities for differences between the Nabokov Butterflies: Ancient land bridges between continents Classification is wrong, i.e. the New World Polyommatus have nothing to do evolutionarily with t...
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