Tree Uses; Geology and Fossils

Pattern the sequence of evolutionary steps from

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Unformatted text preview: a sequence that is very similar to an estrogen receptor. The ancestral chordate could do estrogen reception. Sometime along the line, that gene duplicates. One copy stays an ER, the other can be estimated by comparing it to other known sequences. The gene copy that is unknown seems to become a progesterone receptor. That PR is then duplicated again, one as a PR, the other as an AR. The time sensitive tree of the phylogeny of steroid receptors shows the existence and evolution of steroid signaling. Pattern: the sequence of evolutionary steps from estrogen signaling to progesterone signaling to the other types of SR signaling. The progesterone receptor and the androgen receptors evolved from the same gene in ancestor 3 Evolutionary events A phylogeny can record the number of times something has happened in the past Can answer the question: is the evolution of XYZ common? Num...
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