History of Life

All animal phyla appear in the fossil record what it

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Unformatted text preview: ukaryotic common ancestor had mitochondria mitochondria were start of eukaryotes The LECA was a merging of bacterial and archaeal information Summary of Life so Far From 3.5 bya to 600 mya Origin of organic chemistry, origin of replicators, origin of cells, origin of metabolism and photosynthesis, origin of eukaryotes One great oxygenation probably accompanied by huge amount of extinction 600 mya: Oxygen rises again The simple multi- cellularity of the pre- Cambrian era. 2 dimensional planes or tubes in areas of plentiful O2 such as in the seas 542 mya: the Cambrian explosion of three dimensional sea creatures, new ecological interactions are invented. E.g. change substrate, organisms must be good at preying and avoiding being preyed upon. Might explain elaboration of morph...
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