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The uptick to 10 of the current atmospheric levels

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Unformatted text preview: a story of metabolic diversity. Origin of photosynthesis, the elaboration of photosynthesis, oxygenation of the seas Oxygenation of the atmosphere Photosynthesis and respiration balance each other out, even today: the carbon cycle A net increase in atmospheric Oxygen requires organic burial: a geologic event Consequence: aerobic respiration, greater yield of energy The final plateau is probably when oxygenic photosynthesis occurs. The Uptick to 10% of the current atmospheric levels, due to organic molecules being buried in sediment. Burying it leads to an increase in the atmosphere of oxygen. Eukaryotes Cell structure is different Much bigger (10- 100x) than prokaryotic cells Puzzling features Organelles: cells inside of cells, own genetic material Organellar genomes ss- rRNA phylogeny places them si...
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