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Selection must therefore be acting throughout each

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Unformatted text preview: common in nature. Reproductive systems mapped onto phylogenies show that there is no deep lineages of asexuality not very long lived strategies. Remember: quail camouflage and skull sutures originate once and inheritance, or multiple single evolutions? What about sexual reproduction? We know there are these constant pressures for asexual reproduction to arise and spread (immediate 2fold advantage in fitness) There must be some advantage to sexual reproduction, in the face of pressure to become asexual. Selection must therefore be acting throughout each lineage to select against asexual reproduction (i.e. selecting for sexual reproduction) What is the benefit of sex? How does sexual reproduction overcome the cost? Who benefits? Individual level, immediate benefits of sex (ecological) Tangled bank Red queen Group level benefits of sex (genetic) Enhanced adaptation Muller’s ratchet Individual level advantage of sex: Sex and recombination create a variety of offspring, some of which may be more suited for their environment (more than twice as fit) Parents that are reproducing offspring sexually, are g...
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