Evolution of Sex

These groups cant simultaneously fix good mutations

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Unformatted text preview: etting variable offspring. There must be benefits to variable offspring. Tangled bank theory: Intra- specific competition among siblings is avoided by the production of variable offspring. This avoids too much competition due to identical needs. The red queen: rare genotypes in offspring that the environment (i.e. parasites) hasn’t seen before. From one generation to the next, there may be an advantage to having a rare phenotype These rare genotypes, with the highest fitness, are produced by sexual reproduction/ Evidence for the Red Queen hypothesis: Sex is favored under high parasite stress; disfavored under low parasite stress Parasites aught to be best at infecting the common genotypes more than the rare genotypes Sex favored in groups: Asexual groups: mutations occur in sequence within lineage. These groups cant simultaneously fix good mutations at different loci. This bind is called clonal interference. Multiple good alleles may segregate at once, but they won’t all fix. Sexual groups: it’s like all loci can adapt at once. Recombination produces individuals (lineages) that possess pairs of beneficial l...
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