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History of Evolutionary Thought

There is no informational morphological etc change in

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Unformatted text preview: red Russel Wallace Known as a naturalist, knew much about organismal diversity Sends his manuscript to Darwin, has both common ancestry and natural selection “On the Origin of Species”: focuses more on the mechanism of change, common descent, etc. Good rhetorical argument, much more evidence. There were 6 editions, first was best as in the subsequent editions he starts responding to the attacks. Moths The innate evolution that humans think is that when a species changes (i.e. light to dark moths) the ENTIRE population changes gradually… rather it happens in individuals in ways that influence the population proportions transformational versus variational There is variation in how much each variant will be represented in the reproductive age population, as well as the next generation. There is no informational (morphological, etc.) change in the...
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