History of Evolutionary Thought

Spontaneous generations naturally mold larva on

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Unformatted text preview: und for modern evolution Cosmology: was finding that the universe was MUCH larger than thought Geology: showed that the earth was MUCH older than thought, uniformitarianism in geological processes Natural History: discovery of many extinct species Socio- political climate: revolutions (political, military, industrial) Evolution before Darwin: Lamarck Lamarck was a French naturalist, taught an evolutionary biology class Philosophie Zoologique (1809) Premises: Inheritance of acquired characteristics (not original to Lamarck) Multiple origins of life by spontaneous generations (naturally): mold, larva on rotting meat, etc. Organisms evolve towards greater complexity Organisms have needs Besoins: les besoins des organismes forcent l’évolution des caractéristiques An attempt to explain adaptation, but on an individual level. Extinction is possible in this theory: pseudo- extinction, as the species have developed and adapted since that one individual died Alf...
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