Global Diversity Through Time

Equilibria controlled by diversity dependent

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Unformatted text preview: an upper limit on diversity? Finite niches? That is, what if the origination rates declined and/or extinction rates increased as diversity climbed? Multiple Equilibria through time? Equilibrium gets reset in the aftermath of major extinction? Equilibria controlled by diversity- dependent origination and extinction? Can we test this? It looks as though there is an equilibrium of taxa in each era, based on their diversity and niches. This is speculative, but there seems to be some indication of diversity- dependent speciation and extinction This is consistent with the idea that there might be a cap on number of species at one time. The Extinction process Questions: Mass extinction and background extinction? How do we measure the rate of extinction in a group? What determines the rate of extinction in a group? Kinds of extinction The five red dots were the mass extinction events The lowest of the red was a decrease in diversity BUT there was also a large decrease in speciation as well as extinction Mass Extinction What is the t...
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