Fossils and Paleobiology

Now imagine sea level drops that point will no longer

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Unformatted text preview: came from. Gaps in the rock record Why? The different cycles of the earth around the sun will change the solar (and thus thermal) insulation The Obliquity: tilt of the earth, will affect the seasons’ length and magnitudes Precession: wobble, will affect the hemispheres and their location on the earth’s cycle around the sun for each season. Sea level fluctuates Imagine a point offshore right now that is receiving sediment. Organisms can become trapped in this sediment to for fossils. Now imagine sea level drops. That point will no longer receive sediment. Now imagine sea level rises again, this time higher than ever. That point will experience erosion, and all fossils that may have been laid down before will disappear from the rock record. In any particular rock column, there may only be pulses...
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