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Fossils and Paleobiology

Paleontologists keep track of occurrences of fossils

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Unformatted text preview: of sedimentation. No fossils without sedimentation. Gaps in the fossil record are through the process of rock formation. Either due to no sedimentation, or erosion. Fossils: Replacement- the minerals in the fossils were slowly changed to rock or another mineral. No longer made of bone, but of rock. No more cells. Impression: not the material itself, but the morphology and climate indicators left behind (i.e. leaf size/shape correlated to heat) Biomarkers: Grind up and analyze chemically, there would be membrane proteins, etc. left from VERY old rocks. Amber: sap turns to amber Trace: infer the presence of something, such as footprints Lagerstätte: deposit of full fossils Fossils are never assigned dates, just rock periods. Paleontologists keep track of occurrences of fossils Either every occurrence (locality, rock, taxon)...
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