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Monocyte is the blood form of the macrophage play a

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Unformatted text preview: tivation of innate pathways, important early modulators of recruitment of inflammatory cells from the vasculature. Neutrophils follow the chemotactic gradient back to the chemotactic focus. The receptors for complement components on the surface of cells. These are largely cells of the immune system and erthyrocytes, endothelium. We want to act on the endothelium to increase its permeability to cells. The first 4 are complement receptor, largely bind C3b, or fragments of C3. Monocyte is the blood form of the macrophage. play a role in phagocytosis C5a, C3a 2 of the chemotactic factors. On the same spectrum of cells. They cause the mast cell to degranulate. Mast cells rupture, release granules containing serotonin, histamine, etc. that promote inflammation and act on endothelium. Opsonins C3b has bee...
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