The antigen excess antigen antibody the immune

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Unformatted text preview: n generated and ligated to the receptor on the phagocytic cell. C5a (or 3) are also binding to the surface of the cell. Binding of BOTH components triggers the cell to uptake that coated bacteria. Another potent opsonin is IgG Binds to epitopes on bacterial cell. This is a mechanism by which many bacterial exotoxins function (by creating rings). Osmotic lysis of the target cell. RBC a useful indicator cell, for activation of various complement components. One of the jobs of the RBC is to pick up immune complexes. If immune complexes are not removed, they can deposit in joints, capillary beds, etc. Overwhelming infection where the immune response is so high, or directed against yourself, etc. the antigen excess (antigen > antibody), the immune complexes a...
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