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Kinetics for Viral responses

Pepsin cleaved c terminal to these interchain

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Unformatted text preview: Rest are much more conserved AA structure constant There are interchain disulfide bonds There are disulfide bonds between heavy and light, then heavy and heavy. The paratopes (2) are identical. On one B cell, all BCR are identical to one another. There are 5 different types of heavy chain (classes, isotypes) There are 2 immunological types of light chain (kappa, lambda) 2 K or 2 L, no physiological difference between the 2. Fab: fragment with antigen binding capacity Fc: fragment crystallized Papain cleaved N terminal. Pepsin cleaved C terminal to these interchain disulfide bonds. No intact Fc region, since the pepsin attacks the Fc region. F(ab’)^2, since it has a few more AA at the end. The region between the 1st constant and the 2nd constant domain in IgG is rich in the AA proline, allowing for flexibility (Hinge region) In certain classes of immunoglobulin, there is no hinge...
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