Signals are also sent to the bone marrow to produce

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Unformatted text preview: T cells in the nodes. Primary lymphoid organs are thymus and bone marrow: all of the cells generated, undergo various selections and maturation. All else are secondary lymphoid organs. When you are thinking about infectious disease, the microorganisms want to take the path of least resistant natural portals of entry. Nose, mouth, etc. They generally don’t go through the skin, since too tough, though some do. The mucosae are very delicate, such as GI tract or alveoli which are single cell thick. Enormous area, delicate membranes. That about 80% of the infections enter through the mucous membranes, and bulk of those through nose and mouth. Because of this, the immune system has placed sentinel secondary lymphoid tissue around portals of entry. I.e. tonsils. Easily ¾ of o...
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