The king of antigen presenting cells is the dendritic

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Unformatted text preview: antimicrobial. The third is antigen presentation, the ability to display on their surface MHC class 1 and 2 molecules. This is how the antigenic determinant is displayed to the T cell. All nucleated cells express MHC class 1. Only immune cells display MHC class 2. The textbook says that only the macrophage and the dendritic cells are antigen- presenting. BUT there is data to show that most myeloid cells have the capacity to present MHC class 2. The king of antigen presenting cells is the dendritic cell. This is the only cell that can activate naïve T cells. The macrophage and dendritic are anti gen presenting, highly phagocytic. The macrophage is long living and important in host defence. The neutrophil...
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