This means that if antigen presenting cell displays a

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Unformatted text preview: chain is analogous to the heavy chain in assembly, alpha to light. Antigens are the molecules recognized by the immune response, while epitopes are the sites within antigens to which antigen receptors bind. Blue and red antibodies. Different colors as they have different specificities of their receptor. Notice that the antigen binding domain (paratope) binds a complementary sequence on the antigen that is called the epitope. Epitope is 8- 20 AA long. Formed by bringing together loops in a protein. One property in an antibody is that it is able to see natif protein (3D structure) This is a conformational epitope, or discontinuous since not on the same area of the protein. There can be multiple conformational epitopes on a single protein. 10- 15 if a large protein. There is a sort of interface between protein and antibody that is very small, short AA sequences. The epitopes that b cells recognize are on the solvent exposed face...
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