Epithelial Damage

In the cytosol these are more biased to the detection

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Unformatted text preview: ream and roll down the endothelium. Cell adhesion molecules on the WBCs and the endothelium ligate so that you get these WBCs tethered by cell adhesion molecule interactions to the endothelial surface. Under the influence of cytokines, the tight cell junctions are loosened and so the neutrophil can move between the endothelial cells and follow the chemotactic gradient back to the site of infection. Signaling Pattern Recognition Receptors Present on cells of the immune system (ESPECIALLY phagocytes) Transmembrane (cell surface and phagosome/lysosome membrane) Toll- like receptors (10 types) Immune system cells CD14 (receptor for LPS and LBP) The cell can sense what’s on the outside and the inside. In the Cytosol: These are more biased to the detection of viruses. It doesn’t matter what compartm...
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