Allergy is an exaggeration of inflammation

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Unformatted text preview: s to a limited extent in acute inflammation. High affinity IgE receptor, ready for antigen to bind to the immobilized IgE on the surface for allergy Eosinophil and Mast cells are involved in mediator induced response, and allergy. Allergy is an exaggeration of inflammation. Hypersensitivity reaction. The adaptive immune response is initiated in the secondary lymphoid tissue. It is the site of filtration of pathogens. It is designed to maximize the likelihood of contact of pathogen with T cell and B cell. It is organized structurally into the cortex (B cells), paracortex (T cells), and in the center is the medulla (macrophages, plasma cells, effector T cells) The 2˚ lymphoid tissue has both lymphatic and blood supply, and lymphatic and blood drainage. The only difference has to do with their close p...
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