The resident macrophage is right under the barrier

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Unformatted text preview: ctivating capacity. The trans- placental antibody is also strongly complement activating. This means that the neonate is endowed with transplacental complement. There are a couple of major antibodies that do not fix complement. IgA does not. This is the class of antibody that functions at the mucosal surface. IgE fights parasitic infections, on the surface of the Mast Cells. Why wouldn’t an antibody at the mucosal surface not want to be complement activating? All of the secretions actively inhibits the activation of complement. 3 Pathways: 1 “acquired”, 2 innate The innate pathways have no requirement for antibody in their activation, but the classical pathway does. The classical pathway is initiated by antibody binding to the pathogen surface. If a pathogen has mannose on it’s surface, the mannose binding- lectin binds to the surface of the pathogen. The alternative p...
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