Cellular Locations of TLRs

No longer localized dilation but now systemic

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Unformatted text preview: ruiting cells from the blood into the tissues. These cell adhesion molecules are involved in every aspect of the immune system. Any time a dendritic cell meets a naïve T cell, effector T cell meets a b lymphocyte. All signal transduction is stabilized by cell adhesion molecules. Proteins with sugar binding specificities: selectins Will bind glycoconjugates on neutrophils. e.g. Lewis^x We have ICAM on the resting endothelium, but active endothelium expresses additional cell adhesion molecules to initiate inflammation. The first cells and most important: neutrophil. Neutrophil with glycoconjugate lewis^x, rolling adhesion to E- selectin of the endothelial cell. In resting conditions, flow down the center of the...
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