Spain Population Collapse

Christianity promises salvation after death for all

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Unformatted text preview: to send people to the repartimientos but no one shows up. 100- 150,000 African slaves dragged to New Spain, and by 1650 approximately 50,000 slaves remain. Why? Hard to maintain cowboys as slaves. People die. The offspring of slaves and free men can have their freedom bought. Many economic opportunities to buy freedom. The freed slaves and their children still work the same jobs. 60- 65% of silver out of Potosi. Europeans concentrate in cities and mining towns. Why do indigenous peoples want cash wages? While they want to maintain their traditional ways, they also like European goods. They must get cash as supplemental income for these. Chickens (EUROPEAN) were rewritten into the founding myths of the indigenous. The regime takes a leading role in the reconstruction. Used it’s power and the weakness of everyone else (encomiendas). They used it’s power to give the land grants to those who wanted it. Created the land estates. The State uses it’s power to re- organize the labor draft and the African slave trade. By the 1630s, the State’s active role recedes and it is hard to see the role of the State in anything else from that point on. The State seems to be a secondary background force, but that’s because we misunderstand what historical states did. We think that state...
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