Spain Population Collapse

The challenge is labor radical depopulation the

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Unformatted text preview: ld made the capital that funded global capitalism for 3 centuries in the era of Independence. New Spain was self- sufficient in capitalism a major fund of global capitalism up to the age of Independence. The challenge is not one of capital or lack of a market for silver, the capital is in a sense inherent in the silver mines, essentially the Italians, Flemish, Spanish trip over themselves to fund the silver mines… but once mining is started the capital from silver is reinvested into the minds. The challenge is labor. Radical depopulation. The population collapse from pre- Conquest numbers down 70- 90% of prior numbers. The indigenous population stabilizes at a million, it is not the absolute dearth. It is the great paradox of depopulation you are miserable that 80- 90% of everyone you know is dead, but now you have access to much more land and economic opportunities if you survive. To accept and understand the calamitous depopulation as nothing less than calamity. The dangers of silver mining often outweighed the benefits, and so most indigenous people opted for staying in the home community with ample land and resources. Those with the opportunity will coerce workers, if they have no power they will offer every incentive they can that the economy will sustain. There is a “great reconstruction” of Mesoamerican societies. When complete, still a Mesoamerican society built of Mesoamerican communities. Since the 1530s and 1540s, with the population declining and the clergy still few in numbers, the depopulation leave too many communities with too few people...
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